• Who is DSA?

    Diagnostic Systems Associates is a premier Engineering & Systems Design organization specializing in data acquisition, display and analysis systems. We provide a total solutions approach to the conception, design and development of computer-based data analysis products.

    Grown from a core engineering group specializing in Automotive diagnostic and repair technology, DSA has expanded over the past years from a pure system design firm to providing complete concept-to-product development capability.

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Company Philosophy

Equally important, in our view, to the technical abilities & experience of our development team is the underlying philosophy which guides our organization. We are committed to Absolute Customer Service leading to long-term relationships as the foundation for how "we do things". The phrases, "thorough understanding of the problem at hand" and "total systems approach" are some of the core processes we employ to ensure satisfaction of our primary commitment. These terms are not simply buzzwords on a brochure, they reflect the way we approach our business.

We believe in a no nonsense approach to product development. Project plans, schedules and costs are based on the merits of the project, not on what it takes to "get the job". We don't enter into a project when we know the schedule, or cost targets cannot be met, or when we are not thoroughly confident that we have the capability to get it done on time, in budget and beyond expectations. We don't say what the customer wants to hear. We say what needs to be said.